Thursday, December 29, 2011

sometimes, run away is the best option of solving problems.

run sha, run as fast as you can. leave forget and start something new. i know it hurts. i know that you have no hands left to catch you. but you have to be strong. be yourself. don't let anyone change that. life get harder and harder by the day. and you have to stay strong. run sha. as far as you can :'(


i miss you I confused I'm sorry

its "shasha" thing.

:O hello people, hello cats and birds. miss me? yeaaa :( i know. i miss you guys too. i miss the laughs the meows and the squeaky sounds of my morning birds :D its been ages! to hangout with you guys. yea :( i know i missed birthday parties and stuff. i am so so badly sorry!!! >.<"!! and I'm sorry for forgetting to wish birthdays. dammit. I'm such a jerk!! man man, i really am sorry :'(

after i finished this semester last two weeks, I've been asking for jobs and yea, I've been working. and i know! it suppose to be my short holiday before i go back to college. waaaaa! God knows how tired i was. huhuuu, and I've been asking for over-time everyday. i need money as i am going to have a car, and rent a house in kl. dang, i am so tired. but thanks to GOD too that i am now officially stopped working and i have like one week left till i go back to college. well, at least i have one week to have my time. my not-tired time. haha

i miss Hazwan Asari, Iklil Jannah, Mohd Zaid Azzim, Ain Chelsea, The Roommates, Ayed Muhammad, Azyan Muhammad, Chuu Dahalin, Eric Fuzi, Zuzu si Zhafry, Dewi Liana Seriestha, and the rest of aswarian and bangians. hope to see you guys soon! hugs

bunch of love,

Thursday, December 8, 2011


hey, its me again. I'm still the usual shasha. nothing more. hehee. me and music can't go apart. like shoes and streets. it all come together. music is passion. the best way to make people feel better. its the sound of classical and broadways kinda thing that makes me high. i love music. no one can change me ♥


boy, i am so into you. thanks sangat tolong hantar i tadi. even you ulang alik hantar cousin you la mommy you la kan. still you hantar i jugak hehe. i love you!! I'm gonna miss you here. have fun in melaka and see you on monday. much love, Shasha :)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Burger ♥

My world like suddenly stop. i love you so much :3

Friday, November 25, 2011

hater F

aww, this is what I've heard. well i know, i nyanyi tak semerdu kawan kawan yang lain. but you takpatut cakap i macam tu. its hard to terima kenyataan yang you pun same en?? but i didn't say anything that can make you feel lost. i know, semua belajar kan. so why to compare? you guys kan dah matang. above 18 years old, you should've be more mature. kan? sorry la kalau ade buat salah. tersombong ke ape kan. its not like i sombong. i malu je. hehe. and haritu i tak nak perform sbb i busy. bukan sebab takde payment. sumpah takde kena mengena dengan payment eh awak!! and i tahu i buat apa kt aswara ni. I'm learning. so far i takde masalah pun. why should you? so i guess, maybe you jealous kan? heheh, kelakar tau. sebab awak tu lelaki. tak sepatutnya jealous dengan perempuan. pondan pun tak buat mcm tu. okay tu je nak bagitahu. siapa yang makan cili dia tahulah. byee :]

Thursday, November 24, 2011


I've been thinking about my ex lately. its not like i still have feelings for him. just he's been waiting for me and its taking a year till now. his loyalty makes me wanna get off and cry. why can't you forget me? i know we had a roller coaster. i moved on why can't you? I'm so sorry you, i didn't mean to make you cry. i want everyone in this wide world 2 know that you're perfect. i mean it!! you are. you're gonna find someone's better. and i would be jelous to see such a perfect couple. have faith!

Bunch of Love,
shsh :]

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Hazwan, you apple i

kajang ♥ bangi

dear people. i miss you guys a lot. i miss school, high school life, tree house memories, being a tomboy, rebel and semua. really did miss it. I'm not sombong. just i tot there some bad-hurts memories. so I'm just run away and trying to have a new life. everyone knows how I've been played, how I've been used, how I've been lied, so i just wanna run away. i am so sorry. but i did miss my-"good"-friends. you guys helped me out. so i owe you guys a lot :') I'm sorry, thanks for always be there Atikah Ali, Fauzan Ramlee, Aidatul Sofea, Chuu Dahalin,

anyway, I'm gonna sit for final. do wish me luck people. jyeaaahhh! second sem at ASWARA!

bunch love,
shsh ♥

rawkstar college life :]

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

cin ♥ :(

i don't like you at first. but i did love you now. you like my other side. if you gone. i lost. did you notice that? did you know how i feel? did you know that i miss you every minute? did you notice i hurt? :( did you notice that i put my whole effort on you? did you know i wait. everyday after class? you're not perfect. you're not that every girl wants. but you, you aahhhhh fuck!! i don't fucking know why i like you! please lah perasaan, jangan lah mcm ni. tak suka lah. tak focus study langsung ni!! :"(

Thursday, August 18, 2011

things aswarian don't know about me.

my name is shasha not nadira naddy or whatever

im 18 not 16 haha

i sang jazz i don't know classical

yes I'm in music faculty I'm not in penulisan. i lied at one person then the news spread haha

im not sombong, im shy :>

I ate the same lauk everyday

i don't want to be in a relationship because I'm gay

I'm fun and enjoyable, I'm not crazy

i don't like texting do call haha

I'm in aswara because i want to learn!

damn you just like me, you don't love me. you confuse -.-"

don't simply fall in love if you don't love each other. please beware the difference on LIKE and LOVE

seriously, you're hurting them,
bunch of loves Shsh.


life is unfair. can you tell?

even now,

even now, i can't forget you. i feel different when i with someone else. i feel so down till i can't even breathe. i have so much story to tell you. about everything. you're my best friend remember? i know i take it all seriously. because i tout were THAT serious, i just so naif. but however i can't forget you. its like I'm living in a different world. and i was taken far away from you. i don't understand your language but i did learn. i did try. but you? have you ever?

Sunday, August 7, 2011

c i n t a ♥

cinta? its complicated! sometimes ill die for love. then when i hurt, i watched love die for me. its complicated. i don't wanna hurt anyone. swear its true. i don't laugh when i hurt them. i really don't. i cried to. i hurt too. i hurt so much. i wanna be happy. without letting anyone down. but i can't. i can't be happy when i know someone is crying. life is a very rough word. i can't explain how funny how happy how sad it was. cause its complicated.

Dear college life,

its funny when we talk about admires, crushes or adorers. I'm not into love. I'm not. friends je bole kan? theres nothing wrong with that. but yeah, i lost friends because they want to be more than friends. weirdly, i cried. i don't know why. just its too much. i dump, being dump, bff i baru buat BFF baru. so i don't know, its a roller coaster. I'm a sensitive girl right now. can you tell? so my college friends were having fun at Experiment Theatre. theres a band performing. i staying out cause i don't feel like doing anything there. huh, anyway here i am in front of Orchestra Hall writing my diary and updating my dah-lama-tak-update blog.

oh kenalkan Hazwan Asari, kawan baik saya. dia gila. suka buat saya gelak heheh,

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

College life :-]

i have so many friends, they 're super nice. CUTE TOO! ♥ so the first day i was terrified by other vocal's student. they have suppeeerrrrb voice, vibrato, whistle register, damn. theyre good. i mean, i know its not a competition, but if they're that good. i have to catch up fast. hmm, but dont worry, study study study!! :] phuuu, harap sangat dapat manage semua. dapat catch up with every subject. especially teras like, i dont know theatre and stuff. but well, i will SURVIVE babehh heheh, thanks Jade Xi, Rebecca Godwin, Fu en, Zhafry, Naz, Yatai, Wan, Edd, Daiya, Roomates. everyone!! thank you so much for being extra awesome to me ♥

Thursday, July 7, 2011


harini hari pertama sepatutnya aku keluar bertudung, hmmp, but i failed. tudung ade tapi takpakai. duh shasha nii! you were supposed to wear a tudung, its a must thing to do in islam, so today i accompany my good friend to klang. i shouldve wear a tudung, shashaaaaaaa! kenapaa takpakaaai! ishish. takpe. we'll see hows tomorrow. i hope ill progressing. pray for me friends? amin:)

bunch of love, shsh ♥


Wednesday, July 6, 2011




im sorry. untuk semua orang, aku minta maaf. i minta maaf, saye minta maaf, sha minta maaf.

i dont know why, these days i felt like crying my ass off, i dont know. its like Allah s.w.t has show me HIS direction. i can feel it, i dont know. im scared. something like push me away. and something says loudly in my mind that this is my time to go. i am so scared. so i guess this is my time to change and pray for HIS forgiveness. astargfirullahalazim.

ibu ♥

no words can say i love you so much. because i love you more than so much.

ayah ♥

ayah, sha sayang ayah. sorry sebab kawan, ayah dah rasa sha macam dah jadi anak teenager orang lain yang takselalu kat rumah. but i miss the old times ~ yang sha selalu ikot ayah balik kampung kemaskan rumah onyang and mesin rumput sekali. mase sha tolong ayah baiki barang rumah dari pagi sampai malam sampai sha tak mandi satu hari. mase ayah takde kereta nak pergi pd kite naik train and jalan kaki sampai kt hotel ibu. mase ayah korbankan makan minum ayah untuk kitorang. mase ayah bagi macam macam kt sha. sha tau ayah syg sha sebab tu ayah takbagi sha keluar, i love you ddy. more than anything. thanks for loving mommy from your first date, now and then. i know its not father's day. but who cares. i love you anyday everyday :')

she is the worst enemy, she is the bestfriend.

hey i know we fought, we spit shits, we talk bad with each other. maybe, well maybe this is the reason. its not like we cant be friends with our own enemy? get what im saying? she just saved my life. i am totally has lost in this reality and she came. pulled me back in the game. thanks ♥ im sorry, i was selfish. i was talking about your bad your i-hate-this-girl thing. i dont know why i act that way while i make the same thing to you. i make your day down too. i lied too. i was being selfish too. so i guess, i was wrong to hates you. thanks for being there aida. youre my superheroin i freaking love you big ass ♥

p.s well i love to peace out, thats my trade mark. cakap lah ape ape jellybeans ;]

Thursday, June 23, 2011


run from the lifeless day, run from the pain, the agony, run to recovered, run to hide, run as fast as you can, so the tiredness will covered the lost. i am tired, but i cant forget you. so if you ever come back. im here, acting normal. smile, like you were never gone. i could run, but i wouldn't.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

this just run into my mind so tout that i can share one of the lyrics

someday you will see that i
still standing at your front door
waiting for your kiss

someday you realize that i
have steal buffaloes for you
but you didnt understand

i sit by the lake and think
why can someone be so mean
and can i punished myself to be
so naif?

i want you to know
that my love is so deep
i sleep with your memories
dried all my tears in the pain
i want you to know
that i cant forget you
even though i tried to be truth to you
but i have be truth to the lie
that i dont want you back..

valentines saw a date of year
and hoping something would ever change
so i dont have to be like this

im crushed and fell down to the core
i cant faking a fake smile again
im so tired with the game

i sit by the lake and think
why can someone be so mean
and can i punished myself to be
so naif?

i want you to know
that my love is so deep
i sleep with your memories
dried all my tears in the pain
i want you to know
that i cant forget you
even though i tried to be truth to you
but i have be truth to the lie
that i dont want you back..

maybe he've seen other girl
maybe he just dont have the time
maybe he tries to avoid you
maybe youre not his type.

ive been thinking bout this all month
maybe you dont miss me

i want you to know
that my love is so deep
i sleep with your memories
dried all my tears in the pain
i want you to know
that i cant forget you
even though i tried to be truth to you
but i have be truth to the lie
that i dont want you back..

Thursday, May 5, 2011

what a girl wants,

Every girl just wanted to be L.O.V.E. what they want is a simple sunshine and a rainbow on top of the kiss. and believe me, nothing is HOT than an honest guy. so be frank dude -,- a simple "i love everything about you" is enough ;]

bunch of love, Shasha :)

its you who lost the F.R.E.E.D.O.M!

well for me, freedom is the feeling you feel when you have your first goal and the feeling you feel when you 're in love. but most of all freedom is happiness. if you can breathe-in calmly, then you're the definition of freedom. freedom is already in your heart. dont drown it. live it!

hee. goodluck. bunch of love, Shasha :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

always be inspired 'love' ppl :)

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.

p.s for anepepulhaikalaboi we're soo gonna reach that dreams, go power rangers!
bunch of love,
Shasha :)

everything is a climb, try harder!

i know, its hurt to see someone that can take your place, can sing even better and take that mic off you. can play the guitar BETTER than you. and when it all rains, you just cant stand the pressure of being compared and you slightly gave up with your selves. dont be like that.I KNOW! i am that person. but no one is perfect! even he/she is so much better than you, but in some minor thing, they cant do it as well as you. and they will seriously compare them selves to YOU and will also slightly gave up. everyone special at their own way, your true color will appear soon. wait the turn. dont gave up. you dont worth to do that, hee, bunch of love, Shasha :)

been there, done that!

actually, im posting this because i am so bored. and you what people do when they get bored? they negatively judge their selves. but yeah, been there, and so done that. hehe. im totally recovered from love and friendships nightmare. and here i am, im happy to sitting home, doing nothing and yeah, go nagging at my sister about how loud she was when she with her music and her damn earphone. but yeah, basically im so happy. trying to eat healthy, trying to smile ALOT like im so tired with smiling haha. hey guys hows you? what are you up to? wanna share? uuhh, even better! tell me secrets and blow that secrets and get in trouble! ohh no! haha. im so done with that! hehe.. like trully! social life really get my brain on a place. you dont have to go out and be so loud all the time. its not you, its "da frenz" that forces to make noise. anywaay, eventhough i miss hagging out and do funny stuff, i am still want to stay home as long as i can be. and loyal readers, thanks for reading this and leaving comments. thanks for appreciating my life story. bunch of love, Shasha :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

my i-am-so-in-love-with-you people :)

these guys are my everything. heh, sayang kau orang lah biatch :)

my life aint perfect w/out you guys tikahaikalanepanepepulandaboi ;p

hey loyal readers and my super heroes and my sidekicks!
here 's about them that ive FUCKING GOT to tell ya' HAHA
i have these really great person(s) in my life that i dont thing i can EVER get boring with these maniac. you know what? you guys 're SICK. i fucking cant let you guys go hehe,

seriously, you guys rock the ass OFF! haha

ohh lupa, result saya tak seberapa so jangan tanya haha, pergi sana tanya budak lain, saya bukan mangsa, saya super hero remember haha,

okay, harini lepas ambik result, all of us pergi alamanda, *since dapat kerja gsc as a part-timer* haha, lepak tengok cerita rango, i guess i spelt it right -,- the movie was SOO BOSAN..i felt asleep in that dark lousy room! fuck..

so benda kelakar harini, haha
masa tu diorang kerja, so aku pun suruh diorang tolong ambik kan kunci kereta sebab nak ambik guitar, yeah guitar yang hancur tu -,- then masa tu pulak aku tengah pissed off so aku jalan pun laju macam haram. diorang kat belakang, diorang follow je, then anep pergi kt kereta dia, dia cakap "wey kereta aku dah penyek doh ni" lepas tu haikal cakap "aah la" hahahaha, aku tengah marah masatu, aku pandang belakang, lepastu haikal gelak *kuat macam baboon tengok movie-,-* dia pun cakap "eh anep! ni bukan kereta kau la!HAAHAHA, ek eleehh HAHA" lepastu aku terus senyum diam diam. and seriously? dalam hati aku cakap. *pleaselah, bagi lah aku lepas marah baru buat lawak" hahahahha,

so benda kelakar harini, haha 2
tikah, shasha, and anep masuk tempat wayang tu, room number 4, seat C07, C08,C09. so masa masuk aku tercakap kuat, aku cakap "eee apesal bau hancing nii!" haha, semua orang pandang belakang and sebuk cakap "aah la, bau hancing" HAHAHAHA, kelakar betul. lepastu aku pun duduk lah dekat seat number 07. tikah pergi duduk dekat seat number 05, aku dah gelak dah. aku pun cakap "kau ni bebal, aku cakap TUJUH SAMPAI SEMBILAN LAAA" HAHAHA, macam biasa, tikah pukul aku mcm cirit, kuat nak mampus sampai abang belakang terdiam haha, yang takboleh belah aku jerit kat tikah suruh usap balik. HAHAHAHAHA so moral of the story, bagi tikah ticket biar dia tentukan tempat duduk hahaha,

so benda kelakar harini, haha 3
masa pergi jamming, aku dengan tikah nak terkencing, dah lah sejuk kan. hahaha, lepastu aku pergi tandas, tikah pun. dia takut tengok siling yang tercabut tu so kitorang masuk tandas sama sama. hahaha, lepastu aku cakap aku nak kencing dulu, tikah pulak pandang dinding, lepastu tetiba aku tergelak. hahahah, tikah pun tergelak. hahahha, dah lah masatu tengah kencing. HAHAHHA, tikaah oh tikaah. hahaha, lepastu nak buka paip. tika still pandang dinding lagi, lepastu paip tu tetiba termeletup, *maybe sebab air laju sangat haha* lepastu tikahtergelak. haha, aku tahu tikah mesti ingaat aku punya bunyi tu. HAHAHAHA, takboleh blah betul doo hahaha

anyway, still LOVE you guys so bad :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

tika :)


My Friend,

my companion,

through good times and bad

my friend, my buddy,

through happy and sad,

beside me you stand,

beside me you walk,

you're there to listen,

you're there to talk,

with happiness, with smiles,

with pain and tears,

I know you'll be there,

throughout the years!

tika, kau kawan two-body-but-one-mind aku :)

photobuckets :)

after the game, the king and the pawn goes to the same box, so dont care what your status is or where you came from, everybody have their own capability, and i believe we(losers) are winners of all time :)cheers for us(:

Thursday, January 6, 2011

i do this every year, so yeah, last year takbuat sangat pun semua so harap tahun ni menjadi :)

2011's CHANGE :)

*teruskan perjalanan dengan musik even im sucks, im gonna work it out.
*no more gossips,
*kawan? kawan je dengan semua, takda masalah lah ;)
*its okay to be ugly :) heard about an apple? the precious, sweetest apple, are always at the top, almost every man picked the lowest apple, because its easy, the perfect man will saw you and try hard for you :)
*exam kalau math and science takdapat A, nak repeat paper july, taknak lah dapat b or c :(
*The So Called Unknowns :)
*usaha sikit dengan lagu baru, take a risk :)
*jangan buat orang sakit hati
*jangan biar orang pijak kepala kau :)
*sembahyang jangan tinggal
*rambut panjang tu simpann haha
*woowowoo POSITIVE ENERGY :)
*bayar hutang im :)
*homat orang tua
*buat roadtag hahaa
* no more customizing people heart heheh sorry
*dengki tu, kurang kurang
*em ape lagi eh
*oh kejap mhmm.
*kalau orang cite buruk pasal kita, just senyum and tampar muka dia :)
*jangan cakap pasal orang dah haha
*buat macam sekarang ni kerja, mirul, musik. no more lepak nak cari populariti dah haha
*belajar speaking dengan lebih yakin haha
*try buat semua orang happy
*ASWARA tolong terima saya haha