Wednesday, July 27, 2011

College life :-]

i have so many friends, they 're super nice. CUTE TOO! ♥ so the first day i was terrified by other vocal's student. they have suppeeerrrrb voice, vibrato, whistle register, damn. theyre good. i mean, i know its not a competition, but if they're that good. i have to catch up fast. hmm, but dont worry, study study study!! :] phuuu, harap sangat dapat manage semua. dapat catch up with every subject. especially teras like, i dont know theatre and stuff. but well, i will SURVIVE babehh heheh, thanks Jade Xi, Rebecca Godwin, Fu en, Zhafry, Naz, Yatai, Wan, Edd, Daiya, Roomates. everyone!! thank you so much for being extra awesome to me ♥

Thursday, July 7, 2011


harini hari pertama sepatutnya aku keluar bertudung, hmmp, but i failed. tudung ade tapi takpakai. duh shasha nii! you were supposed to wear a tudung, its a must thing to do in islam, so today i accompany my good friend to klang. i shouldve wear a tudung, shashaaaaaaa! kenapaa takpakaaai! ishish. takpe. we'll see hows tomorrow. i hope ill progressing. pray for me friends? amin:)

bunch of love, shsh ♥


Wednesday, July 6, 2011




im sorry. untuk semua orang, aku minta maaf. i minta maaf, saye minta maaf, sha minta maaf.

i dont know why, these days i felt like crying my ass off, i dont know. its like Allah s.w.t has show me HIS direction. i can feel it, i dont know. im scared. something like push me away. and something says loudly in my mind that this is my time to go. i am so scared. so i guess this is my time to change and pray for HIS forgiveness. astargfirullahalazim.

ibu ♥

no words can say i love you so much. because i love you more than so much.

ayah ♥

ayah, sha sayang ayah. sorry sebab kawan, ayah dah rasa sha macam dah jadi anak teenager orang lain yang takselalu kat rumah. but i miss the old times ~ yang sha selalu ikot ayah balik kampung kemaskan rumah onyang and mesin rumput sekali. mase sha tolong ayah baiki barang rumah dari pagi sampai malam sampai sha tak mandi satu hari. mase ayah takde kereta nak pergi pd kite naik train and jalan kaki sampai kt hotel ibu. mase ayah korbankan makan minum ayah untuk kitorang. mase ayah bagi macam macam kt sha. sha tau ayah syg sha sebab tu ayah takbagi sha keluar, i love you ddy. more than anything. thanks for loving mommy from your first date, now and then. i know its not father's day. but who cares. i love you anyday everyday :')

she is the worst enemy, she is the bestfriend.

hey i know we fought, we spit shits, we talk bad with each other. maybe, well maybe this is the reason. its not like we cant be friends with our own enemy? get what im saying? she just saved my life. i am totally has lost in this reality and she came. pulled me back in the game. thanks ♥ im sorry, i was selfish. i was talking about your bad your i-hate-this-girl thing. i dont know why i act that way while i make the same thing to you. i make your day down too. i lied too. i was being selfish too. so i guess, i was wrong to hates you. thanks for being there aida. youre my superheroin i freaking love you big ass ♥

p.s well i love to peace out, thats my trade mark. cakap lah ape ape jellybeans ;]