Thursday, August 18, 2011

things aswarian don't know about me.

my name is shasha not nadira naddy or whatever

im 18 not 16 haha

i sang jazz i don't know classical

yes I'm in music faculty I'm not in penulisan. i lied at one person then the news spread haha

im not sombong, im shy :>

I ate the same lauk everyday

i don't want to be in a relationship because I'm gay

I'm fun and enjoyable, I'm not crazy

i don't like texting do call haha

I'm in aswara because i want to learn!

damn you just like me, you don't love me. you confuse -.-"

don't simply fall in love if you don't love each other. please beware the difference on LIKE and LOVE

seriously, you're hurting them,
bunch of loves Shsh.


life is unfair. can you tell?

even now,

even now, i can't forget you. i feel different when i with someone else. i feel so down till i can't even breathe. i have so much story to tell you. about everything. you're my best friend remember? i know i take it all seriously. because i tout were THAT serious, i just so naif. but however i can't forget you. its like I'm living in a different world. and i was taken far away from you. i don't understand your language but i did learn. i did try. but you? have you ever?

Sunday, August 7, 2011

c i n t a ♥

cinta? its complicated! sometimes ill die for love. then when i hurt, i watched love die for me. its complicated. i don't wanna hurt anyone. swear its true. i don't laugh when i hurt them. i really don't. i cried to. i hurt too. i hurt so much. i wanna be happy. without letting anyone down. but i can't. i can't be happy when i know someone is crying. life is a very rough word. i can't explain how funny how happy how sad it was. cause its complicated.

Dear college life,

its funny when we talk about admires, crushes or adorers. I'm not into love. I'm not. friends je bole kan? theres nothing wrong with that. but yeah, i lost friends because they want to be more than friends. weirdly, i cried. i don't know why. just its too much. i dump, being dump, bff i baru buat BFF baru. so i don't know, its a roller coaster. I'm a sensitive girl right now. can you tell? so my college friends were having fun at Experiment Theatre. theres a band performing. i staying out cause i don't feel like doing anything there. huh, anyway here i am in front of Orchestra Hall writing my diary and updating my dah-lama-tak-update blog.

oh kenalkan Hazwan Asari, kawan baik saya. dia gila. suka buat saya gelak heheh,