Saturday, September 14, 2013

Just Another Pity-Me Update

hi guys. whats up? can't sleep. just woke up from a very long nap and wondering what happen to this blog. yeah... i'm sorry! so life is totally change. not a bad change (i think). hmm. I'm in third (senior) year and going to get through PeTA which is going to be stressful!! :( *just fyi since i rarely write these days*

Have you guys ever felt so guilty? Have you guys ever been so mad about something so tiny? Have you guys ever been so disappointed about your stupid life directions that YOU decide? yea.. i've been there. right now! and Allah SWT knows how sad i am. but it's apparently my fault. i decided to be sad. i seriously don't know what get into me like.. i've been all bad which i would never do that to a person. i mean i cried every time i did something bad to a person. but i still don't get it why i did such thing :( i decided to get off alone these last two semester of college. things are falling apart. but i guess these are just some of the life changing process. is it? :(

p.s  Excuse my writings. i'll improve soon. will be back and write more often! bye

Monday, October 1, 2012

Sunday, March 25, 2012


hey, i know. I've been a very lazy updater nowadays. sorry! after all things that happens how i feel so insecure and heartbroken, things like this makes me so down and incomplete and thats why i don't have the guts to write. i will probably write i hate everyone and such stuffs. but now I'm better. just sometimes i feel a little empty. i miss my old life. i don't want to grow up!! i laugh i make people laugh, i go everywhere and i am sad. i try to be happy. but I'm not. how to do that? how to do "happy"? teach me. please. i need that so bad :(

Sunday, February 5, 2012


you know, its been awhile since we had our long talk and all the laughs. i know, this is hard. both of us is complicated. so we did a very complicated decision. and i just wanna say it here that i totally respect you as my friend. our memorable memories i will never try to forget that. its fun being with you and just had our times together. your stupid jokes that i laugh out loud. it reminds me of my first semester at Aswara. this is awkward without talking to my best friend. the one that i tell everything that ever happens every second in my life. you are everything that i ever need. but yeah, we both have our path now. i am no longer longing for you. no more. its not like i hate you. just i can get you out of my mind HEALTHILY now. i understand now. i understand everything. i just want to move on. and i know, even as a friend, we can't be close to each other. but it was a fun ride tho! everything that ever happens in life, its a learning progress even it took us to lose the one we love.

and i did miss all your crazy friends. it so sad that i lose them too. i hope this perang dingin will ends. anyway, have a good day wan. i finally can move on without trying to forget anything :')

Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 result holiday yada yada yada haha

hello 2012 :) how are you? great ha? hehe, yea, people around the world are excitedly welcoming you heheee. my new year was great :D!! mmy and daddy took us to malacca and then pd. it was fun!! even tho airel and eman is being annoying and over excited. awww i love you guys hugs!

okay my result is OHKAY not so great not so bad. but yeah, a little frustrated coz' my pointer just 3. something something. i was wishing it to be above 3.5 but yea, dah jadi pun shaaa ;[

Sunday, January 1, 2012

january first two thousand twelve

you don't know, you never know. I'm laughing. but no one knows that my eyes is actually tired.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

sometimes, run away is the best option of solving problems.

run sha, run as fast as you can. leave forget and start something new. i know it hurts. i know that you have no hands left to catch you. but you have to be strong. be yourself. don't let anyone change that. life get harder and harder by the day. and you have to stay strong. run sha. as far as you can :'(