Sunday, November 27, 2011

Burger ♥

My world like suddenly stop. i love you so much :3

Friday, November 25, 2011

hater F

aww, this is what I've heard. well i know, i nyanyi tak semerdu kawan kawan yang lain. but you takpatut cakap i macam tu. its hard to terima kenyataan yang you pun same en?? but i didn't say anything that can make you feel lost. i know, semua belajar kan. so why to compare? you guys kan dah matang. above 18 years old, you should've be more mature. kan? sorry la kalau ade buat salah. tersombong ke ape kan. its not like i sombong. i malu je. hehe. and haritu i tak nak perform sbb i busy. bukan sebab takde payment. sumpah takde kena mengena dengan payment eh awak!! and i tahu i buat apa kt aswara ni. I'm learning. so far i takde masalah pun. why should you? so i guess, maybe you jealous kan? heheh, kelakar tau. sebab awak tu lelaki. tak sepatutnya jealous dengan perempuan. pondan pun tak buat mcm tu. okay tu je nak bagitahu. siapa yang makan cili dia tahulah. byee :]

Thursday, November 24, 2011


I've been thinking about my ex lately. its not like i still have feelings for him. just he's been waiting for me and its taking a year till now. his loyalty makes me wanna get off and cry. why can't you forget me? i know we had a roller coaster. i moved on why can't you? I'm so sorry you, i didn't mean to make you cry. i want everyone in this wide world 2 know that you're perfect. i mean it!! you are. you're gonna find someone's better. and i would be jelous to see such a perfect couple. have faith!

Bunch of Love,
shsh :]

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Hazwan, you apple i

kajang ♥ bangi

dear people. i miss you guys a lot. i miss school, high school life, tree house memories, being a tomboy, rebel and semua. really did miss it. I'm not sombong. just i tot there some bad-hurts memories. so I'm just run away and trying to have a new life. everyone knows how I've been played, how I've been used, how I've been lied, so i just wanna run away. i am so sorry. but i did miss my-"good"-friends. you guys helped me out. so i owe you guys a lot :') I'm sorry, thanks for always be there Atikah Ali, Fauzan Ramlee, Aidatul Sofea, Chuu Dahalin,

anyway, I'm gonna sit for final. do wish me luck people. jyeaaahhh! second sem at ASWARA!

bunch love,
shsh ♥

rawkstar college life :]