Tuesday, November 22, 2011

kajang ♥ bangi

dear people. i miss you guys a lot. i miss school, high school life, tree house memories, being a tomboy, rebel and semua. really did miss it. I'm not sombong. just i tot there some bad-hurts memories. so I'm just run away and trying to have a new life. everyone knows how I've been played, how I've been used, how I've been lied, so i just wanna run away. i am so sorry. but i did miss my-"good"-friends. you guys helped me out. so i owe you guys a lot :') I'm sorry, thanks for always be there Atikah Ali, Fauzan Ramlee, Aidatul Sofea, Chuu Dahalin,

anyway, I'm gonna sit for final. do wish me luck people. jyeaaahhh! second sem at ASWARA!

bunch love,
shsh ♥

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