Saturday, November 20, 2010

ways to make your life brighter

Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow.
don't let anyone make you doubt
keep your head up
today they'll win, tomorrow you'll succeed
try not to talk bad about people
and believe it would less from day to day
don't make friends with people who make you compare yourself with other people
make friends with a person who keep your faith high
believe in what you have
don't ever look at other people's talent
you might lose yours
theres people loving you
don't let them down :)

smile pretty,

start smiling pretty face :')

Monday, October 11, 2010

Nina, you complete my day.

Every song you sang, ever lyrics you've made. duuu you're my inspiration :)

Someday you're gonna realize
One day you’ll see this through my eyes
By then i wont even be there
I’ll be happy somewhere
Even if I can't

I know
You don’t really see my worth
You think your the last guy on earth
Well I've got news for you
I know I'm not that strong
But it won't take long,
Won't take long

Cause someday, someones' gonna love me
The way, I wanted you to need me
Someday,someones' gonna take your place
One day I’ll forget about you
You'll see, I won't even miss you
Someday, someday..

Right now
I know you can tell
I'm down, and I’m not doing well
But one day these tears
They will all run dry
I won't have to cry
Sweet goodbye..


Cause someday, someones' gonna love me
The way, I wanted you to need me
Someday,someones' gonna take your place
ooooh One day I’ll forget about you
You'll see, I won’t even miss you
Someday, I know someones gonna be there

Someday, someones' gonna love me
The way, I wanted you to need me
Someday, someones' gonna take your place
One day I'll forget about you
You'll see, I won't even miss you
Someday, someday...

i want this pleasse

my myy. the most adorable thing ever. this is holga. buy me this please :)

Friday, May 28, 2010

im in love with M.Y.M.P and Nina

arghh i love them so much. they produce a great type of music. just using piano and guitar? well asian are the the best kan HAHA they have this calm kinda music. cubalah dengar. best gilaa babi haha Nina and Juris Fernandez i'll die for youuuuuuuu :')

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

gangster and lesbigay saya

what they said about me? yeah depends on you to believe it , some of it copied from text messages , comments , yahoo chats and so on (: teka siapa yang bagi, 10ringget for each answer :D:D:D:D:D

here for my darl :)

die comel , sabar and caring ohh

syg gle kat budak ni

and dun leave me okayy syg :)

- yg ni semua orang tahuu haha -

shashashasha HAHA kelakar bila ingat you weh siyes you funny nak tahu cerita? haritu i terserempak shasha dekat ktm she was crying i guess sebab mata merah. masatu dia nk pegi serdang and im on my way to seputeh. i nmpak dia then i duduk jaaauhh jaauhh sebab dia ni violent i benci sangat HAHA then dia pandang i cruelly then cakap duduk sini HAHA then dia cakap takduduk sini dia jerit, then i pun cakap 'try me ;)' HAHA lepastu kan weh dia jerit and cakap 'hey jantan kau tu dah lah mengandung kan anak kawan aku then kau bunuh anak dia SIAL lah kau weh' HAHAHAHA bodohnye perempuan ni gila babi maluuuu makcik makcik semua pandang HAHA lepas tu i duduk dengan dia, dia best suka buat lawak pasal benda bodoh pun jadi hilarious gila. lepastu dia berhenti dekat serdang, i tersengih sorang2 dalam tren tu HAHA i never knew that i'll be missing her voice since then , moral of the story, dont mess with her. she might end up screaming =)

scha kau ni bodoh ke ape eh nk telan pil pil? kau tu dh seventeen u should've be more mature la babe btheway scha padan mukalah u kena cucuk twice i rasa lega sgt2

Pasal you ?
Bole je.
(Scha, haha dia ni mmg comel sgat2, even ta penah med dia tp I tau dia mmg comel kn, haha, betol ta scha ?
Dia ni seorang yg periyang yg slalu buat org happy bila cmmnt or ape2 dgn dia , haha, i'm I right scha ? Hehe, hope sgat2 one day dpat jugak la jmpe dia, haha.
N the last thngs ily la kakak. (-:

ko ni mmg kimak en!! ko nk kco blak org pahal ha!! ko jgn pkir ko bguz lah weh rmai lg jantan ko nk dye pehal?! ko bley g mam la dgn mke innocent ko uh.ak dpt thu ko msj blak ak siap ko lebam stu bdan!! - before she know that acap is my real brother (: -

urm dia ni suke bake
yummy yummy
just then dia bake strwberry cake
sweet gila dia bg jiran dia
n sya sya ? dia laugh mcm
KUDA haha

shasha ?
ahah , budak paling nakal and bengong aku pernah jumpa
tk pernah serik ceh
dh la comel lawa cun grrr *jealous jealous --'
suara sedap gila nak mati pulak tu
and and senang perfect la budak ni
itulah dia syazana nadira :D

never tout tht i need her in my life swear to god wey she's the most amazing cousin ever and for god sake dia tak mati overdose haha bodo punya cousin nak ikt jejak langkah akuu neway loveyouabunch babe :*

shasha nih ken tlo tgk wyang nan die msti die gelak2 wlo crite tue sedih kdg2 crite tkstart lg pun msti die gelak wktu iklan die msti akap 'LAME GILA' heheh shasha cke gile gedik dgn matmat bgla hihi hrtu die minx no bangla heheh



mia:hey? bodohnya -,-

syasya:youlah bodoh mia babi sial

mia:shasha u lagila mcm pukimak

syasya:pukimak i pukimak makcik you lah sial

mia:oh aah jugeken


mia:don't bodoh me


mia:you yg overdose remember?


mia:write something about you? nk post for blog?


mia:grr i xbodoh la sial

mia:shasha bodoh pukimak babi pantek tetekpelacur memang sampah

syasya:gila pe minah ni

mia:for your blog jackass

syasya:ouhh i'll post it :D

mia:bye babi miss you

syasya:bye n i dnt miss you mia you mati lagi bagus HHA

mia has signed out blablabla :D

dengan sha nih cam2 boleh jd dough dia ni haritu tetiba tanya 'weh aku ni hodoh?' ak pn ckp la en 'aah' heh dia pukol ak lps ak ckp cmtoh..hakhakahaa..lpstu die tye g aw..'weh hodoh k aku ni?'..ptuh ak ckp ar 'yela' lps tu dia pukol lg perggghh rse nk hentak kple dia..bahaha..last dia tye lg ptuh ak ckp ar tak la sbenaye ko comel..ptuh die pukol lg..aku tye ar knpe..ptuh die ckp 'ko takjujo' nk plk ak pijak dia..aku ckp ye slh ckp tak slh..haha..*dia pksa ak cite mse plg best ngn dia*

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ojang Chu Pia Yumi Jaa Abid Azam


hey guys , did you know that if i lost you i lost half of my brain , heart and blood ? you know that my two eyes cant see clearly without you ? haaa , i love you guys more than you know. When i cry , i always have a shoulder. you guys are the best. when i was fall you give me strength to go up up (: yeah , i can accept that he was leaving. atleast i dont lose you right ? im gonna proves you that i love you. thousands thankyou for all of you. i never knew i need you guys , seriously i thought you guys are just a bunch of kids that always anoyy people. hahaha. jahat pulak en. lastword , i loveneedmiss you :D