Thursday, December 29, 2011

sometimes, run away is the best option of solving problems.

run sha, run as fast as you can. leave forget and start something new. i know it hurts. i know that you have no hands left to catch you. but you have to be strong. be yourself. don't let anyone change that. life get harder and harder by the day. and you have to stay strong. run sha. as far as you can :'(


i miss you I confused I'm sorry

its "shasha" thing.

:O hello people, hello cats and birds. miss me? yeaaa :( i know. i miss you guys too. i miss the laughs the meows and the squeaky sounds of my morning birds :D its been ages! to hangout with you guys. yea :( i know i missed birthday parties and stuff. i am so so badly sorry!!! >.<"!! and I'm sorry for forgetting to wish birthdays. dammit. I'm such a jerk!! man man, i really am sorry :'(

after i finished this semester last two weeks, I've been asking for jobs and yea, I've been working. and i know! it suppose to be my short holiday before i go back to college. waaaaa! God knows how tired i was. huhuuu, and I've been asking for over-time everyday. i need money as i am going to have a car, and rent a house in kl. dang, i am so tired. but thanks to GOD too that i am now officially stopped working and i have like one week left till i go back to college. well, at least i have one week to have my time. my not-tired time. haha

i miss Hazwan Asari, Iklil Jannah, Mohd Zaid Azzim, Ain Chelsea, The Roommates, Ayed Muhammad, Azyan Muhammad, Chuu Dahalin, Eric Fuzi, Zuzu si Zhafry, Dewi Liana Seriestha, and the rest of aswarian and bangians. hope to see you guys soon! hugs

bunch of love,

Thursday, December 8, 2011


hey, its me again. I'm still the usual shasha. nothing more. hehee. me and music can't go apart. like shoes and streets. it all come together. music is passion. the best way to make people feel better. its the sound of classical and broadways kinda thing that makes me high. i love music. no one can change me ♥


boy, i am so into you. thanks sangat tolong hantar i tadi. even you ulang alik hantar cousin you la mommy you la kan. still you hantar i jugak hehe. i love you!! I'm gonna miss you here. have fun in melaka and see you on monday. much love, Shasha :)