Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dear college life,

its funny when we talk about admires, crushes or adorers. I'm not into love. I'm not. friends je bole kan? theres nothing wrong with that. but yeah, i lost friends because they want to be more than friends. weirdly, i cried. i don't know why. just its too much. i dump, being dump, bff i baru buat BFF baru. so i don't know, its a roller coaster. I'm a sensitive girl right now. can you tell? so my college friends were having fun at Experiment Theatre. theres a band performing. i staying out cause i don't feel like doing anything there. huh, anyway here i am in front of Orchestra Hall writing my diary and updating my dah-lama-tak-update blog.

oh kenalkan Hazwan Asari, kawan baik saya. dia gila. suka buat saya gelak heheh,

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