Wednesday, July 27, 2011

College life :-]

i have so many friends, they 're super nice. CUTE TOO! ♥ so the first day i was terrified by other vocal's student. they have suppeeerrrrb voice, vibrato, whistle register, damn. theyre good. i mean, i know its not a competition, but if they're that good. i have to catch up fast. hmm, but dont worry, study study study!! :] phuuu, harap sangat dapat manage semua. dapat catch up with every subject. especially teras like, i dont know theatre and stuff. but well, i will SURVIVE babehh heheh, thanks Jade Xi, Rebecca Godwin, Fu en, Zhafry, Naz, Yatai, Wan, Edd, Daiya, Roomates. everyone!! thank you so much for being extra awesome to me ♥

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