Wednesday, July 6, 2011

she is the worst enemy, she is the bestfriend.

hey i know we fought, we spit shits, we talk bad with each other. maybe, well maybe this is the reason. its not like we cant be friends with our own enemy? get what im saying? she just saved my life. i am totally has lost in this reality and she came. pulled me back in the game. thanks ♥ im sorry, i was selfish. i was talking about your bad your i-hate-this-girl thing. i dont know why i act that way while i make the same thing to you. i make your day down too. i lied too. i was being selfish too. so i guess, i was wrong to hates you. thanks for being there aida. youre my superheroin i freaking love you big ass ♥

p.s well i love to peace out, thats my trade mark. cakap lah ape ape jellybeans ;]

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