Wednesday, May 4, 2011

been there, done that!

actually, im posting this because i am so bored. and you what people do when they get bored? they negatively judge their selves. but yeah, been there, and so done that. hehe. im totally recovered from love and friendships nightmare. and here i am, im happy to sitting home, doing nothing and yeah, go nagging at my sister about how loud she was when she with her music and her damn earphone. but yeah, basically im so happy. trying to eat healthy, trying to smile ALOT like im so tired with smiling haha. hey guys hows you? what are you up to? wanna share? uuhh, even better! tell me secrets and blow that secrets and get in trouble! ohh no! haha. im so done with that! hehe.. like trully! social life really get my brain on a place. you dont have to go out and be so loud all the time. its not you, its "da frenz" that forces to make noise. anywaay, eventhough i miss hagging out and do funny stuff, i am still want to stay home as long as i can be. and loyal readers, thanks for reading this and leaving comments. thanks for appreciating my life story. bunch of love, Shasha :)

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