Sunday, February 5, 2012


you know, its been awhile since we had our long talk and all the laughs. i know, this is hard. both of us is complicated. so we did a very complicated decision. and i just wanna say it here that i totally respect you as my friend. our memorable memories i will never try to forget that. its fun being with you and just had our times together. your stupid jokes that i laugh out loud. it reminds me of my first semester at Aswara. this is awkward without talking to my best friend. the one that i tell everything that ever happens every second in my life. you are everything that i ever need. but yeah, we both have our path now. i am no longer longing for you. no more. its not like i hate you. just i can get you out of my mind HEALTHILY now. i understand now. i understand everything. i just want to move on. and i know, even as a friend, we can't be close to each other. but it was a fun ride tho! everything that ever happens in life, its a learning progress even it took us to lose the one we love.

and i did miss all your crazy friends. it so sad that i lose them too. i hope this perang dingin will ends. anyway, have a good day wan. i finally can move on without trying to forget anything :')

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